Online Sessions

Join the FREE ONLINE sessions.

30 minutes of guided breathing and meditation. A time to simply step back from it all, de-clutter your head space and just be.

These sessions will be conducted by Chandra ( for 30 mins at 20:00 GMT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday . Chandra has been teaching for more than 40 years and his emphasis is to teach yoga as a traditional, practical, and perennial philosophy. He loves all the aspects of yoga – all of it, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), sanskrit, philosophy, mantras, and meditation and will do his best to share those with you. 

Guided meditations require no preparation or training. If you are new to sitting still with your thoughts, practices like a guided meditation is a great place to start.

In these 30 minute sessions, you will:

✔ Understand the importance of sitting with ease for meditation

✔ Learn about the body-breath-mind connection

✔ Basic steps and stages of meditation

You can opt to join one, any or all of the sessions as your schedules allow.

An ONLINE meeting /Zoom link will be emailed to you once you register and confirm. Please get in touch if you had not received the email by 6 PM on the same day as the session. Thanks Chandra