The Beginning – Teachers Training Nassau, Bahamas 1979

Yoga Teachers Training Course, Nassau, Bahamas 1979

I had been going to a London yoga centre for a few weeks when I felt the strong urge to do their yoga teachers training course. I signed up, sold some records and a guitar and off I went. The route was a bit roundabout taking a train, boat, train to Luxembourg where the flights were cheaper and flew off to Paradise Island, Bahamas, a taxi and a boat completing the journey. I set up my tent amongst the palm trees and that was me for the month. A daily schedule of yoga, meditation and lectures about all aspects of yoga philosophy followed. I would describe this as a very immersive experience, living yoga as a way of life for this month, understanding that this experience would be the place we would teach from if we decided to teach after the course. An exam concluded the course, certificates given and a group photo to finish. A beautiful experience and the first time I had come into contact with my teacher.